Creativity has always been a part of my life. Finding great pleasure and contentment in it from a young age, my abilities grew and the world around me never failed to provide me with endless inspiration.

When I won a local art competition with my depiction of the unmistakable Carreg Cennen Castle, I was inspired to commit to a lifetime dedicated to my fascination and was awarded a degree in Interior Architecture by Cardiff College of Art & Design, an achievement that would open many distant doors for me – some as far as Thailand.

My working life ran in tandem to the pleasure I found in creating my own artwork in my free time, blending pen-and-ink works with vernacular examples I encountered in the Far East; a unique amalgam of my Celtic roots and the often-abstract patterns found in oriental artwork. When I returned to Wales in 2016, I brought back with me countless memories and inspirations from my travels which helped shape my very own personal creative form, the #Celtangle Design.

My unique and recognisable style consists of familiar Brythonic motifs combined with global twists that render the familiar in a completely fresh manner and can be applied to any work or theme. Formal pieces that reflect traditional Welsh iconography

are available alongside my take on #PopArt, modern images that are brought to life with ancient imagery. My framed works are available ready to hang and laser reproductions of many of these original pieces are also applied to slate, cork and wooden Celtic gifts that easily find their natural home around the recipient’s house. My range of greetings cards and Mindful Colouring products complete a varied and affordable range.

Bespoke maps in varied colour schemes can be commissioned and I also draw upon this proud Celtic imagery when I create medals for Welsh sporting events. Wedding and ceremonial pieces are available. You can even watch me at work as I delicately create with copper foil thanks to my online videos.